Planner Comparison

We’re going to discus quickly the difference between the following; discbound, traveler’s notebooks, ring planners, and bullet journal options. Discbound (DB):  Discs are used to keep papers together. The Happy Planner is the current “big deal” planner in this system at the moment. Others are ARC. The punch for these looks like mushrooms with either long or short stems. These are similar to the common ring planners.  Individual pages in various styles. These come in almost any size you can think of because of the versatile options with individual discs. Travelers Notebook (TN): These are usually leather or fabric covers. … Continue reading Planner Comparison

JetPens order

I received my JetPens order of a Hobonichi Cousin, a Weeks, & a Mega Weeks. I was not going to purchase these planners originally. However, I decided they worked so well for me this year why am I trying to fix something that isn’t broken? I already made more work for myself with the Moleskine Expanded. 👈🏼 That’s another story. Here’s a my unboxing video. Please go to YouTube subscribe and like over there. Thank You. Continue reading JetPens order

I’m Done!

I’m done with Happy Planner. Basically any disc system for a planner.

First, we’ll talk about my 2020 HP Homebody planner. I love the aesthetic of it, which is why I bought it. The color pallet & layout grabbed my attention. Unfortunately, the only thing I used this planner for was tracking income & bills in the monthly section and writing shopping lists in the weekly section. It was a waste of space, paper, and money.

I pulled the guts out of the HP planner after I transferred info to my Hobonichi Cousin. I will use the pages from this planner in junk journals. I will find a use for it, somewhere.

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A6 Planning for 2021

I have a video up on my YouTube channel where I unbox some covers for the A6 planners I bought from Hobonichi. (Hobo unboxing here.)

The first one I unbox is a Chic Sparrow Buttered Rum personal size. I’m a lover of BR and would like one in every size. I kick myself for selling off my B6 slim. Live and learn. I’ll be posting a blog and a video regarding what I’ll be using that for in the future.

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