For the past two months I’ve had my dog back I’ve been walking her three times a day in all kinds of weather.  You would think in Maine we’d be up to our butts in snow… not so much here in Auburn.  We’ve had quite a bit of snow but then it all melted away and we’ve been getting a little here and there.  In those times between snow when the ground is almost bare you notice how filthy the streets really are.

No matter which direction I walk in, I have several loops I make, I find all the streets and sidewalks filthy.  What do I mean by filthy?  Well, to start with dog crap. There are signs all over the park next door that picking up after your dog is the law. (just like there’s a leash law.) However I can’t go two feet with out a pile of dog crap on the path or on the sidewalk or on someone’s lawn.  It’s one of my biggest pet peeves about dog owners.  In addition to the dog crap there’s litter all over.  How hard is it for the garbage truck guy to pick up the item?  Or how hard is it for someone to pick up around the front of their place. Who cares if you don’t “own” it, you’re renting that space & should still respect it.  It totally blows my mind how trashy people can let things get. There was once this solid chunk of ice that formed around someones garbage in a trash can, the trash guys just left it on the side of the road.

The abandoned buildings around here are also adding to the filth.  Junk just cluttering up the porches, yards, & driveways of these buildings that should probably be torn down.  There’s at least 4 buildings that should probably come down if not more.  No one is going to want to move in to an area where there’s so many abandoned homes and clutter all around.  Unfortunately I see this side of the park ending up like the other side of the park if people don’t start to care about their homes, neighborhoods, & communities.  Everyone seems to be taught now to think globally, when I truly feel we should be working on fixing our at home issues first.  Worry about your family, then your neighbors and town and then your state, getting things straight on those levels first will eventually help fix the rest of the world.

One of my favorite TV shows *M*A*S*H* has an awesome quote from the season 5 episode SOUVENIRS where the chopper pilot says to Hawkeye & BJ they can’t change the world & BJ reply is,  “No, just our little corner of it.”  Imagine if everyone changed their little corner of the world for the better.  So I say go forth and make your corner of the world better and I will do the same.  In April we’ll do an Earth Day clean up with Scouts and I’ve already chosen to work on my street.

What will you do to make your corner of the world better?

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