Leap Day… take 3

Happy Leap Day.

Since I can’t sleep right now because I cannot breath through my nose I figured I’d try this post again.  Last time it posted blank… WTF?

So I mentioned that two people at work weren’t at work today so they could welcome new babies to the world.  Jeremy is the proud father of a boy today and Angela’s cousin also had a boy today, both C-sections & both in the same hospital. Welcome to the world new babies.  Leeplings.

Then I mentioned that I caught a cold… which totally sucks ass.  This is my first cold of the season. I could do with out it.

Oh yes the weather…

I’m all set on snow. We haven’t received much of it this year and I’m content.  However from the looks of things 8 to 12 inches is due for Auburn.  I could do with out it. I don’t ski, snowboard, snowmobile, or any other snow related “sport” so I’m never heart broken when we get less/none than they expect.  And I’m always put out when we get more than an inch.  SNOW is a foul four letter word around me. So life in Maine in the winter… for me, not really fun. Maybe I should take up snowshoeing or something like that to see if that helps. (Doubtful)

There was something else I was going to mention in this blog, that I didn’t get to in my last posting of it… but I can’t quite recall.

Well I’ve got to take the dog for a walk and then I’ll try to sleep again.  And yeah this is one of those slightly rambling posts with no real direction to it… sorry.  But I’m pleading sickness as an excuse on this one. 😛

I guess the 3rd time is a charm.  Effn link in my last post was screwing with things.

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