Fireworks in Maine

You’re getting a two-for today.

Just recently the ban on fireworks in Maine was lifted.  Which leads several of us to believe that there may be more issues than not.

Maine’s first fireworks store opens for business

Knowing people who have worked in pyrotechnics and having them say that this was a stupid idea, I tend to agree.  However I’ll look on the positive side of it, it should weed out some of the stupid people.  Maybe some of them will castrate themselves and stop reproducing. However I’m guessing that any of those people could not afford to buy fireworks.

Wait for the summer time when out of staters come in and buy them to take to camp or whatnot.  I’m sure our ERs will be quite busy.  Maybe it’s just the economic boost our healthcare companies need in Maine.

*this is totally meant tong in cheek*

Honestly though, why not make it legal?  Might as well legalize a few other things while they are at it.  It took Maine quite a while to repeal the “blue” laws.

3 thoughts on “Fireworks in Maine

  1. I’m of the ‘more issues’ party. I absolutely believe the ‘normal’ person has no idea the power behind those itty bitty brightly colored tubes and packages. Even a Morning Glory sparkler can burn a hole through your hand. Having no control over when and where fireworks will be used, and no consequences other than the hospital trips from ignorance? Uhg. The whole things makes me completely sick to my stomach.

  2. We at the newly formed Maine Fireworks Club hope to calm your fears we are 2 weeks old, but built solidly around safety with training seminars already scheduled. So we are trying to do the right thing and be respectful and safe to all of the citizens of Maine

  3. Thanks Jim for letting people know about the new club. Unfortunately I don’t foresee the issues being with those who understand fireworks already, but those without knowledge or basically those who want the excitement of setting off some pretty lights & loud noises. Those people I highly doubt will look for more information other than where to buy what they want. But I do hope that you find more traffic to your site, Jim. It could be helpful.

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