Trash Day

As I’ve said I walk the dog every morning before work.  Today is trash day in my neighborhood.  OMG!  I cannot believe the amount of trash that one building can generate.  My building has 3 units and we may each have a bag or two on trash day, if that. Usually not filling our own cans full.  However there are buildings with the same number of units that have 6 cans out on the curb over flowing with trash.  What the hell?  Where is all this trash going?

What if we had no dumps, transfer stations, or trash disposal of any kind? What would people do?  Would they be so wasteful if they had to live with their trash?  Would they recycle more? These are questions I ask myself as I walk the dog.  I worry about the future.  What are we leaving for our children?  All of these things have been asked over and over again, I know.

I’ve actually tried to cut back on the amount of trash I produce. I know I still have a long ways to go but I’m making an effort.  I want to start a compost container, container plantings for potatoes & such.  I love my technology but there’s something about getting back to basics that draws me in.

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