It’s official…

I’ve jumped ship from Blogger to WordPress. I liked being at Blogger but I felt WordPress had features I wanted more.  Blogger was looking a little unprofessional and messy. I know a blog about letterboxing isn’t really a “professional” type of blog but I cannot explain it any other way.  I wanted a more “grown up” feeling, also maybe not the best words for it.

Anyways, here I am.  I retitled the blog to Getting Inky. I felt like there were too many people using “adventures” and such and I wanted something different.  Instead of changing my trail name I changed my blog. On a side note if you read the URL really quick… try not to put a “k” in it.  😉

I’m updating my Atlas quest link also.  Looking forward to having everyone visit my new blog. I’ve added a category section and so far I have 11 (I hope not to add any more). Here they are & what you should find if you choose to sort on a category:

  1. Clue ~ will discuss clues or provide you the clue to a letterbox.
  2. Events ~ will discuss an event(s) such as camping, dances, christmas, etc.
  3. Found ~ my adventure in searching for a box(s) with or with out friends/family.
  4. LTC ~ to discuss Letterbox Trading Cards (usually teamed with Spoiler Alert) due to images of the LTCs.
  5. Plant ~ discussion on planting boxes.
  6. Postal ~ discussing postal letterboxes
  7. Random ~ all the other crap that doesn’t fit in to another category. 🙂
  8. Series ~ a series of boxes (undecided on keeping this one or not yet)
  9. Spoiler Alert ~ Exactly – fair warning that you’ll be seeing something you may not want to.
  10. Stamps ~ usually discussing stamps I’m carving & may include images (also usually teamed with Spoiler Alert)
  11. Tools ~ all the other stuff that letterboxers use & need; packs/bags, baggies, containers, books, ink, markers, tape & etc.

I cannot think of any others at this moment but I’m open to changing them or adding more. Suggestions are welcome.

Well I hope that this doesn’t interrupt anyone’s reading of my blog by switching venues. Thanks as always for reading and visiting my blog.

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