GFBF Project

Last year I put a call out for hot air balloon stamps for the 20th anniversary of the Great Falls Balloon Festival.

The balloons have been arriving sporadically through out the winter. People are still signing up for the tracker. I currently have in my possession 15 stamps, only 5 are ready to plant. I need to get a BIA or such to make some log books, even though I do have some people donating books also.

This is the first large undertaking I’ve done as a letterboxer.  I may have said this before in another post, but I’ll do it again.  I’m very excited about this as there aren’t many boxes in the Lewiston/Auburn area here in Maine.  This should add several to the area.

The hardest thing I have to do isn’t hiding them it’s writing the clues for them. I have a hard enough time writing clues for my other boxes. I’m sure I can pull it off with a little help some local boxers.

I guess I should get busy with carving my balloons for this. More updates to follow as we get closer.  Planting will be in May/June.



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