Little Tokyo of Maine

On Wednesday night I didn’t have class because of spring break at CMCC.  I figured it was a good night to go down and visit some Friends in Brunswick that had moved fairly recently, which I haven’t been able to visit since we moved them. The chance to go out for sushi presented it’s self and I took the opportunity.  Quite a while ago I discovered I like sushi, it started with a California roll (crabstick, avocado, & cucumber with tobiko).

My favorite sushi place in Maine so far is Little Tokyo (Facebook) in Brunswick on Main Street.  This last visit I had Miso Soup because it was kind of chilly out that night with a little rain and snow, I figured something warm to take the chill off would be good.  Then I ordered a Philadelphia roll (smoked salmon, cucumber, cream cheese) and a Tiger’s Eye roll (tuna, salmon, asparagus, avocado, tobiko, spicy mayo, eel sauce & lightly fried).  Wonderful! Good food and good friends makes for a nice dinner.

I’ve had other rolls and have yet to find one I don’t like. I’ve also had some of their noodle and rice dishes when I eat with people who dislike sushi. I’ve tried a few sips of their Sake Mojito and Cucumber Mint Saketini both very good. There’s been very few things on the menu that I wouldn’t try, but the Quail Egg Shooter is the top of the list of “I’ll pass”.

I would highly recommend dining here to everyone, even if they do not like fish or sushi there are plenty of items to choose from that doesn’t contain raw fish.

Check out Little Tokyo of Maine‘s website.

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