Mainers have a noticeable dialect.  When people think of Maine they think we all talk like Gary Crocker, Tim Sample & Bob Marley. This is not true. They take the accent to the extreme because that is what they do; it is what helps them earn a living.  None of their skits would be nearly as funny to people if they didn’t lay on the thick Mainer accent.

Although the point of this blog isn’t just our accent here in Maine, it’s about these two words:

Kansas (cans-ass)
Arkansas (ark-an-saw)

I’m wondering why these two words are pronounced so differently?  Why is Arkansas not pronounced r-cans-ass? Or why don’t we pronounce Kansas as k-an-saw?

How do you pronounce CARAMEL?

This post actually reminds me of the play that I saw last night at Leavitt.  It was called “A Play with Words”. It took first place at the drama festival, which they haven’t won an award at since 1997. It’s really hard to describe the play, but it was really a play on words, several plays on words. Totally a hoot and had me laughing so hard.

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