Soc Class

I have to write a reaction paper for my Sociology class but it’s not going very well.  We watched the PBS POV Waging a Living about 4 different people trying to get by.  Some are making more money than others & all of the situations are different but I can relate.  I make decent money, but every payday barely gets me to the next. I can’t save any money because I use all of it.

I live about 45 minutes from work, not ideal. I drive a Suzuki Vitara, yeah it sucks up gas more than a car but there’s been plenty of times where it’s been handy to have the optional 4 wheel drive. After all I live in Maine and yet we do have mostly paved roads but even then it’s come in handy.  Some weeks between paychecks it’s harder to keep gas in the car than others especially if we have a lot of running around.

Back to the paper, I’m just having a hard time writing this paper.  What bugged me the most about these stories is the hard time they have but yet some of them still have quite a bit of gold jewelry, nails done, hair done, &  money for cigarets or the gym. Jean has 8 people in her house hold, her oldest daughter who has 2 kids has cancer & Jean is the only wage earner. Yet she has her hair and nails done. Mary has 3 kids and is recently separated/divorced from their father. She’s a waitress who earns only $2.18 and hour plus tips at a restaurant that just went through an ownership change and they’ve cut her hours.  She smokes and leases a car and has a home she cannot afford. Barbara has 5 kids, the oldest son has several tattoos and piercings, yet doesn’t contribute to the household financially, how does he pay for that? Jerry is living in a one room “apartment” (I use that term loosely) it’s big enough for a bed & a few other things, he has to share a bathroom with the rest of the tenants on that floor, and he pays over $500 a month for this in San Francisco.  He’s a recovering alcoholic and instead of drinking he spends $50 a month on the gym (acceptable expense in my eyes). He hasn’t seen his kids in years and is trying to save up to visit them.  Unfortunately he lost his job as a security guard and ended up taking another position elsewhere for less money as a security guard.  All of their stories are sad, but Jerry seemed like the only one making sacrifices.

It looks like tonight is going to be a late night of homework.

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