Spring in Maine (aka Mud/Black fly Season)

Maine has more than just the 4 seasons; right now it is Mud season which will lead in to Black fly season.  The melting of snow & ice and thawing of the frozen ground turning in to mud makes for a messy season.  The water either turns in to mud or it sits and is a breeding ground for black flies & mosquitoes. Despite these detriments of the spring season it is still by far my most favorite.  It’s also the time of rebirth and rejuvenation, the flowers bloom and trees bud. It’s a good time to fall in love too.

Spring has moderate temperatures for the day and cool evenings which, in my opinion, makes it easier to do things outside.  I hate the heat, the stifling, oppressive heat that makes the air heavy and hard to breathe in the summer time. I try to stay in side during the day as much as possible and do things either early in the day or late in the day.

As of today though, we are back down to the 33 degrees that is normal for March with rain and wind gusts. Unlike last week’s 82 degrees.

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