Effn Gas

The price of gas today is ridiculous. $3.83 in Lewiston/Auburn.

I seriously don’t know how people do it driving big ass trucks around daily.  I have a mid size SUV and it sucks up gas like crazy.  I’m thinking I made the wrong choice when picking out this auto. At the time I needed the four wheel drive to make it out of my driveway.  Now that I’ve moved not so much, even though it comes in handy at my ex-husband’s house.

It infuriates me to no end but what can I do about it?

Does it really have to cost that much?  What is being done about it? The electric car has been around for decades but it’s just now becoming more mainstream. Why? People blame it on the government, but in reality “they” have little to do with it, however corporate America and our own greed has put us in this mess. With our dollar value going down the “shitter” we are basically screwed. We aren’t earning enough to maintain our way of life. Even if our lifestyle has been trimmed to the bare minimums.

I spent about $100 in gas in two weeks and that was making limited travel to & from work, stops on the way, and not going any place else. And working from home one day a week. That wont cut it any more so I have to find another $50 or more from my budget.

So what are we going to do about this gas crisis? Bitching about it isn’t going to help. Blaming the president or congress isn’t going to help.

Rethinking, relearning, and changing YOUR actions is the only way to change things.  Change YOUR little corner of the world for the better.  If we all do that then the world would be a better place quite soon.  Or we could hope so.

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