Feeling dur

Ok. Ok “DUR” is not really a word. But so we’re on the same page “dur” or “duh” I equate to being stupid or brain dead.

I’m sitting in class tonight and I truly felt stupid.  Stupid about the class in general but also feeling a little worldly DUH.  I’ve not ventured too far from home so I haven’t seen a lot and I know I don’t know stuff, but I was really feeling it tonight. I’d like to think I’m progressive in my thoughts and acceptance of people no matter what, and I kind of am.  But yes I still have prejudice towards what I don’t know or that I’m uncomfortable with. (Especially if I can’t understand.) That’s not why I was feeling dur though.  I am feeling dur because of my lack of knowledge on just how prejudice people are still in this country let alone the world.

Something we went over tonight in class. If you haven’t seen this please watch the full series. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/divided/


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