Negativity – No vacancy

There’s a no vacancy sign in my life when negativity comes calling.

I vent and bitch occasionally but that’s not necessarily negative, it’s a release. What gets me is those people who are negative about basically everything.  They find all the little things and pick on it. They are basically full of unhappiness, hate & discontent.  Why?

I believe that you get back what you give out. It makes me sad that some people are so full of unhappiness that they have to make others unhappy.  If they’re so unhappy why don’t they fix it and find their happiness?

About two years ago I made the choice to focus on the good in life. Waking up each morning knowing every day is a fresh start and telling my self that “today is a good day”.  Just a little change in my perspective and outlook changed my whole world.  Surprisingly things started falling in to place and good things became more common in my life rather than the negative.  It was my choice to be happy. It’s everyone’s choice to be happy.

Say What?

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