RePost – My Bag

Ok the title of this post is open to several smart remarks… I know. But this post is about my letterboxing bag/pack. I’ve been searching for something to replace what I have, but in reality I already have one of the best bags I think. At this point I may just try to find a way to organize it better.

I’ve figured out that I should probably add a first aid kit, a small one. I usually have mine in the car anyways, but I’m not always using my car or close to it. There was something else I was thinking I should add but I forgot as I wrote this blog.

I’d be eager to see what you have in YOUR bag. πŸ™‚

Here’s the bag. It’s an LL Bean Critter Pack I got at the Outlet in Freeport. It was embroidered with someone’s initials (not mine – but close) and there’s a little racoons on it. It’s big enough for me to add both kid’s books a small pocket book if needed.


It has a small front half mesh pocket, a larger pocket behind that to keep pens, pencils & stuff in, and a good size pocket between the raccoon and the initials.


Both sides have pockets. You can see one here. This one has the extra mesh small water bottle holder. Although I don’t generally use it for water, because I carry 24 ounce bottles.


Here’s most of the stuff I keep in this pack. Not pictured here are two pocket knives (one is lost in my living room right now), a clip board, hair ties, a flashlight, sunglasses, scissors, a single whole punch, zip ties of various lengths, a bottle of water (24 oz) and more often than not my kids’ books & stamps. I still have room for more, and sometimes throw in my iPod, wallet/purse, and other such necessities.If we’re going to a large event we have sketch books 8×10 that we use & I make the kids carry their own stuff in those ruck sacks with the draw strings. I throw a bunch of Crayola markers in each of them & set them loose.


A set of Stamping Up mini ink pads (and always use the same sage green to usually stamp in with.), a little spray mister of water, bug spray, non-arisol. Gardening gloves for digging in messy places. (learned my lesson there.) Any HH that need to be planted. A roll of duct tape (which ever I remember to throw in), bandanas for clean up or sweat bands, a compass, a sharpie, at least one pencil, blue pen, & black pen.


A large gallon size bag, in it is an extra large baggie, a few different size baggies including; pint, quart, & snack size. A baggie with paper towels & another with Clorox wipes (usually for really dirty hands or whatever). Also I have extra index cards. I had a single hole punch & zip ties in there at one time. (guess I should put them back in.)My stamping markers set of 24. Love the pouch they’re in. The pouch has a hidden pocket where I keep my mini sig stamp for those wee little books. Extra batteries for my camera, & obviously my camera (i’m using it to take the picture now). My sig stamps, & my PT.


2 thoughts on “RePost – My Bag

  1. I was looking at the pics thinking, “Boy, that’s alot of stuff to carry around”, but the more I looked the more I realized that I have just about all that stuff too! Except for the duct tape, but I might start carrying that as well, since it’d probably come in handy for box repairs.

    I also carry a few small store bought stamps, incase we come across a box that’s been cached or vandalized – had to use one this weekend, as a matter of fact…

    Not sure if its my browser (IE8 – I hate 9) but the pics are more like vertical bars, and I had to click each one to see them – just incase it means anything. πŸ˜‰

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