Bind-it-All vs Cinch

I have set aside about $100 to purchase a binding machine for my hobby. However I cannot decide between the Cinch or the Bind-It-All. I’ve done some research on line regarding both and just when I think I’ve decided I get swayed the other way. There are several reviews, blogs, & videos regarding the differences between the two and why one should buy one over the other.

What do you have if you have one?  I hate being so indecisive about this.

The Cinch has round holes that punch 12 at a time.
The BIA has rectangle holes that punch 6 at a time.

The Packages:
Cinch Deluxe Bundle
You asked for a bundle — we’ve got a GREAT one!
Our Cinch Deluxe Bundle includes:
The Cinch Binding Tool v. 2 (teal)

Two black 3/4″ binding wires
Two blue 5/8″ binding wires
Four gray 12×12 chipboard covers
Two black 8×8 7 Gypsies bookboard covers
Two kraft 7 Gypsies 8.5×11 bookboard covers
Two red Teresa Collins bracket shaped chipboard covers
Two Melissa Frances scalloped chipboard covers
Eight 4×4 chipboard coasters

Cinch V. 2 plus all of these supplies just $119, while they last!
Starter Kit Combo Pack $ sale 89.99
Bind It All V2.0
¾” 6pc pink o wire
¾” 6pc white o wire
¾” 2pc silver o wire / 3pks
Wire cutters
Clear acrylic folder tabs 7.5×5” 3 pc
Canvas art board 6×6” 2pc
Clipboard wood 6×6” 2pc
White chipboard covers 7.5×5” 2 pc
Cream pages 7.5×5” 2pks


The Cinch & the Pink Bind It All Compared


8 thoughts on “Bind-it-All vs Cinch

  1. Thanks for all the info – that’s something I’d like to get down the road, and with all this info in one spot, it’ll make the research easy! 😉

  2. Hey Mariner Chick – I’m new to your blog and I just bought the Cinch. I’ve found it to be very easy to use. It’s easy to line up the holes and you can “trun off” holes so it only punches the ones you want – very flexible. I got it to be able to make log books with hard book board and it works well. No experience with the Bind it All, but I can recommend the Cinch.

  3. Hi, this is Lea – one of the original Zutter Zisters from the 2008 design team. I’ve worked with BIA since 2008 and I love the tools, o-wires, covers and other embellishments. It has a very small footprint and doesn’t take up much room on your table. You also have the option of a carrying case to keep your BIA. BIA punches through cardstock, chipboard and acrylic covers. I find the tool very versatile (you can view all of my BIA projects on my blog). xoxo — Lea

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