Hate: Disguised.

Hate comes in all shapes and sizes.  Hate isn’t a natural thing, it’s learned. Learned at home first and perpetuated by society’s narrow-minded views, dislike of things they don’t know and fear.

Ever hear that saying: “Out of the mouth of babes”?  Kids have a unique way of looking at things, usually without the bias and hate for a while. However when kids learn hate from their home is there any hope to help them be less hateful?

This reminds me of last week.

 A coworker came in today with new hair.  Her story about the salon got me thinking.  But first she basically went in & told her stylist (a guy) to cut or color it. He got his color stuff out right away. J  She’s now got blond highlights.

 But this is the part that tweaks me… Her daughter was sitting there reading the first hunger games book. This woman starts in about how bad those books are & if she has read them and whatnot. My coworker’s  daughter is 10 and very mature for her age, knows real life from fantasy books. What the hell is this woman telling my coworker what books her daughter should or shouldn’t be reading? It is none of her business.

 Then this woman’s daughter started to belittle the guy stylist making snide comments about his attire, profession, and other such unnecessary hateful comments.  “Real men don’t wear flip flops.” The little girl said. My coworker was stunned speechless. My comeback to that would have been. “Real little girls have manners.”  Apparently “mom” had nothing to say about the girl’s comments and does nothing to quiet the girl or even say “Enough!”  Hate starts at home, I can only imagine what types of comments the little girl has heard come out of her parent’s mouths about others. 

In sociology class we watched a little ditty on the Little Rock high school who was the first to accept “colored” people.  I’m amazed at how segregated the school still is even in the two thousands.  We also watched a ditty on an experiment with eye color, where a 3rd grade teacher taught the kids how it felt to be disliked and alienated, only based on their eye color.

I’ve tried to teach my children acceptance.  There have been times where we’ve all said or done something that was hateful, rude, & unnecessary.  Do we realize it at the time? No. Do we apologize for it?  Hardly ever. Do we do it again? Usually unless we’re aware of it.  Taking time to think about ones words or actions before hand is the key.  How would this feel if it were done to me?

Stop the cycle of hate and teach tolerance and acceptance.

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