Cin Cin

For those who don’t know I took Cinnamon to the vet on Friday the 30th for routine blood work and for the vet to check the lump on her leg. She did the blood work and aspirated the lump. Later in the day she called to let me know it was cancer.

Today (April 2nd) she suggested that I have Cin go through more procedures, x-ray, urine tests, & sticking her with another needle but this one in her enlarged lymph node in her groin. These may narrow down the cancer & find out if it’s throughout her body.  This won;t fix it, that would be another procedure or two that may or may not help.

I’ve already spent $230 on the Friday vet visit.  These other procedures just to figure out how bad the cancer is would be another couple hundred if not more. Then anything they’d want to do to “fix” her.

Cin is 13 years old and the odds of her surviving are slim and what would her quality of life be. She’s lost weight since being here, she’s eating less, & she’s drinking more water.  She’s limping more and still having issues climbing the stairs.

I don’t want to put her through anything else uncomfortable. I want her to be comfortable in her remaining time.  And I want those who cared for her to have ample time to say goodbye.

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