I got to thinking the other day, that I have a lot of planting of boxes to do, and I was wondering how others go about planting their boxes.  I would be completely interested in knowing peoples processes regarding this.

How do they start?  Do they already have a place in mind when they carve their stamp or do they carve & figure out where it goes?  How much recon do people do before deciding to plant a box? How do you decide what size box is best for the location?  Have you ever planted a box and decided later it doesn’t fit there?

Then there’s the whole topic of writing clues. OMG how do people keep coming up with these creative clues? Once the place is chosen do you start the clue or the stamp first?  Does the clue influence the stamp or vise versa? Do you write a clue or part of a clue to fit a stamp or location before?

So many questions. I’d love to shadow a seasoned boxer when they plant a box or two.

7 thoughts on “Planting

  1. yes, yes, lots, hit or miss,yes, stamp, clue first. LOL
    Translation: sometimes i have an idea for a series and i carve first and find a place later. Sometimes the place begs the stamp. i usually do lots of recon before i hide the stamp; when i’m out of town, i bring a box/pouch and do very little before i hide the one i bring with (usually i bring one with as a “thank you” to the local boxers hosting me). When i’m planting, i carry a bunch of containers, so i have what i need, just in case (although usually, i’ve scouted out the spot). i’ve even been known to carry my own SPOR. . .
    i write the clues to fit the box/stamp/series. i’ve always done it after, not before. There is usually much giggling involved. My clues aren’t ciphers – but they’re fun.

  2. I’ve tried it both ways. I’m currently carrying around 3 ready made letterboxes. Been carrying them around for about a year looking for the ideal place that fits the box and stamp. But in the meantime I’ve planted a couple of boxes after finding a spot that needed a particular stamp (e.g. cemetery stone motif), so I went home and carved it. I find it much easier to find the spot first and then carve the stamp to match.

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