Get ‘er done

I have been taking a picture of everything I am eating/drinking and posting it to my old blog “Fresh Start” on blogger.  I started on April 2nd and only missed one day of recording my consumption. This coming week I’ll be reflecting on week 1 & 2 and consolidating my posts in to one per a day.  I’ll be posting an essay on the 23rd about my experience over the last 3 weeks.

This next week is to start making better choices and being more aware of my food intake.  I’ll also start making plan for meals & snacks with help from my daughter.

I filled out my paperwork and taken my PHP survey for the Wellness center so I can start using the facilities again. I’d like to take some of their classes on the Eastside & use the machines on the Westside.

The Plan

Phase 1 – Data Collection
April 2 -15 / week 1 & 2
Eat as usual taking a picture of everything consumed and post it to the blog.

Phase 2 – Reflection
April 16 – 22 / week 3
Continue to eat as usual & photos & blog.
Reflect on the quantity, quality, & habits of eating.

Phase 3 – Game Plan
April 22nd – last day of week 3
Reflection essay on my eating habits posted.
Game plan on making healthier choices for food.

Phase 4 -Implementation
April 23 – 29 / week 4
Make better food choices.

Phase 5 – Get Moving
Starting week 3
Increase my activity. Get re-enrolled at the gym. Plan outings for summer.
Get new walking sneakers/hiking sneakers for better support.

Phase 6 – Maintain
May 2012 & beyond
Continue to track food, blog, & activity.

Say What?

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