Journaling project

I found these chipboard & acrylic album with rings at Big Lots so I picked one up.  It was kind of like the ones Hope puts together at Besottoment by Paper Relics for her reverb11.  I loved the way it looked and the idea behind it. So I’m tweaking it a bit to chronicle 2012 instead of rehashing 2011 or 2012 in December.

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My first real page is about Cinnamon. In Hope’s prompts #23 is “What was your most saddest moment in 2011?” Since I think I’ve already had my saddest moment of 2012 I wrote about that. Then on the flip side of it I did the daisy exercise, where I asked “Who am I?” & “What do I love?” My daisy had eight petals to fill & I ended up changing one after I wrote it down in ink. I wrote Hope’s reverb list down and slid it in to an envelope that I cut in half & put in the book with Hope’s website URL.

I added a page for MUSIC 2012 to write down my favorite songs/artists in 2012. (they don’t have to be new to 2012) The first song on my list is “Somebody that I use to know” by Gotye.

The last page I started is titled “REMEMBER” for things I want to remember. I was going to describe the book but I will post pictures instead.  I categorized this under Blog / Journal even though it could have gone under Art or Crafts (I should combined those maybe).  Come back in a few days for the pictures. Until then… g’night.

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