The original title of this was “Get my learn on.” and then I changed it to T&E (not T&A).  But I thought Skills would be a better title. Even though it’s not quite as relative as it could be. How about…

Reality vs. Dreams

I’m not completely skill-less but I am totally not current on things I’d like to be.  Which makes me less desirable in today’s market of employment. Not that I’m looking for another job, I’m not.  But I do not want to be one of THOSE state workers complacent in their job and not expand my knowledge. Basically if I lost my job today what skills would I have to find an equal (or close to equal) paying position someplace else?  I worry about such things even though I have a stable, safe job.  I love the people I work with but not necessarily what I do day in & day out.  For brief moments I get to do something creative and analytical by designing forms or maintaining the web page for our office. It requires little creativity, but still some while utilizing the analytical thought processes of organizing.

I recently saw that WordPress/Automattic had postings for new staff. I would LOVE a job like that.  My first thought was… “I’m not young enough for such a hip job.” But then looking in to it I was thinking that I could do a couple of those jobs, although I don’t know much about CSS as I’d like or what they’d probably require, but damn if I can learn it.  After all I taught myself a lot of the HTML coding just because, I’m proficient in Dreamwaver and it is possible to teach this “old” dog new tricks. What makes it so appealing is that I can be anywhere in the world and still work so long as I have the internet.

I am attending college to finally get an associates degree in general studies and next year an associates in business admin & supervision. At that point I’ll have to decide where to go from there, transfer in to a bachelor in… what? My passion is photography and art, but I know it’s not practical economically.  I seem to be a middle brain person working moderately well in both creative and analytical projects, which also leads to battle in my head about the free spirit and practical person in me. I want to travel and visit other states and live there for a while but the practical side of me wonders how to support myself if I were to do such an adventure.  Hens the desire with the WordPress/Automattic type of job. Packing a small camper trailer with my “necessities” and hitting the road. Yet at the same time I’m thinking, buy a house, settle in, & grow older being content in your life & job.  (I don’t much like the latter one.)

One never knows what the future holds. I’m two years away from having my youngest out of high school and off to college, at which point I can choose any direction I wish.  Where should I go?

Say What?

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