Back in the groove…

This has been my first full week without my dog.  I had gotten in such a habit of walking her 3 times a day and I spend the last 8 days not walking.  I am feeling it.  I went for one walk around the neighborhood without her last week and basically cried the whole time.

Having her back had disrupted my life for the better and now that she’s gone I’m slipping back in to old habits that I need to break. Having her around helped me more than anyone knows.

Since I cannot have another dog, the plan is now to try to get out alone and walk twice a day, morning & evening.  Supplement this by going to the Wellness Center to work on strength training three times a week. With nice weather here, it’s time to get my ass outside and be more active, hiking/lb, kayaking, & biking.

Say What?

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