I’ve been reevaluating my online presences.

I asked other creative people about their online presences. Here are the results from asking the question on Atlas Quest on the Art Corner board.  A small discussion followed after, some said it’s too hard to update multiple sites, others use feeds or auto updates to update sites by updating one of them which feeds others. Also discussed was privacy.

  • Facebook Pages = 30
  • Blog (WordPress/Blogger/other) = 19
  • Twitter = 8
  • Flickr = 9
  • Linked-In = 5
  • Personal Web Page (not by one of the above) =  6
  • Professional (art) Web Page (not by one of the above) = 1

Something else that was brought up was Passion – What’s my passion?  Which lead me to then think about Dreams. What’s my dream? what was my dream? Has my dreams changed over the years? What do I really want?

I guess I have some questions to answer:

  1. What am I passionate about?
  2. What do I want to share?
  3. What do I not want to share?
  4. Who am I artistically?
  5. Who am I professionally?

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