It’s not the blog this time it’s me!

So I currently rent a 2 bedroom 3rd floor apartment with limited parking and interesting neighbors. It’s a nice place & I basically got to pick out all the colors & add my own touch to things.

However I’ve been offered a 2 bedroom 1st floor apartment across town with better parking, bigger yard, a porch and basement access.

I’ve basically committed to it for the most part, although I do get a chance to scope it out & make my final choice. I’m mostly sure I’m taking it. Although I’m having reservations about it. I’m finally in a place where I’m going to get my car paid off and I’ll have money to save and what not. Do I really want to strap my self that tight & spend the extra $60 a month on it?  It’s not just the $60 for rent, my electric bill will go up by about $12, and I’ll have to change my internet service again which is more money.

I’ve done the PROs & CONs of it and I find way more PROs than CONs even though the biggest CON is the money issue….

KEYS in hand today!  Moving all this week.

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