Almost there…

I’ve moved everything out of the 3rd floor apartment…. finally!  No small task. Apparently I have a lot of crap.  Going to have to solve that in the next 2 years.  I’m not moving this much crap again. 😦

And this still isn’t everything.  I still have a section of the basement to move from my old building to my new plus a few items in the shed.  AND I also have a few odds & ends at my old house in Turner I need to go get.  Might as well get everything centralized.  Makes it easier for a lawn sale. (in this case a garage sale) I’ll be hitting people up to be mules and lug stuff & shove it in a moving truck THIS weekend. (9th or 10th) One day. I’ll buy beer. Pizza. Maybe even some BBQ if someone has a grill.

HELP ME PLEASE!!  I just want everything in one place, finally.

Say What?

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