Get back in the pool…

So I’ve been told several times… AHHHH UHMMM… that I should get out & meet people & start dating again.  And as many of you know I have such a stellar history in that department.  But hay I figured I’d check out the potential on Plenty Of Fish and see what’s out there… Now I recall why I don’t subject my self to dating sites. Last time I just got a lot of creepy responses & dick pictures I didn’t want. 😛 So I’m browsing through & I see ONE guy out of 13 pages so far that seemed interesting… up to the point where he wants NOTHING to do with kids or anyone that has kids or wants kids or blah blah blah crap! Dude just cut his pool down to a puddle. Whatever right. Not my problem. I’ve also noticed that several of the 40+ guys are looking for the 20 something girls.  Really guys? WTF?  That screams “I want to just get laid.” I shake my head at each profile I look at.

Then I checked what would have been my “competition” on POF.  Yeah not good selection in the chick pool for the guys.  And they’re not getting another addition.  Decidedly online dating is NOT my forte.  The friend of a friend thing worked out so well before… think I’ll pass on that too. 😉 Although maybe a round of speed dating if they had it in L/A would be ok. *eye roll*

That’s my half hearted rant for today.

2 thoughts on “Get back in the pool…

  1. I’ve been separated for almost 3 months now and yesterday I was asked by a co-worker if I was going to start dating yet. Truthfully I hadn’t even given it much thought. I’m not even divorced yet and dating and mating is not a priority for me right now. But after reading this post, I think I’ll stay away from the online dating thing.

    1. I’ve been divorced for a decade now & in that time I’ve dated 3 people. 2 were kinda serious & one was just a fling. But I’m a tad picky and that makes dating harder in a small dating pool of Maine. I’ve met lots of people, but the connection wasn’t there.

      You’ll know when you’re ready. And maybe love will just surprise you.

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