I got yelled at by a city link bus driver yesterday while driving up main street in Lewiston.  Traffic was moving right along and I was following a moving truck when it all of a sudden stopped & I’m sitting in the middle of the intersection of Park St & Main St.  There’s no light at that intersection anymore because they removed it, after all they have the rest of the gazillion lights on that stretch.  So she’s ragging my ass for being in the way. She would have had plenty of room if the lady behind me hadn’t done the same thing.  The lights were being very odd and not at all conducive to easy travel during 4PM rush hour.  The only way I would have not been in the way was to be so far behind the moving van that I’d have people cutting me off.  Driving in L/A for 20 years I know how it goes. Stupid people.

The whole traffic pattern & road layout on that section of Main Street is bad and was probably useful at one time (40 years ago) when there was far less traffic than there is today.

This is why I hate driving in the city and basically rarely go out once I get home, unless I absolutely have to.

I really would like to live in the country again. I miss the quiet & the nice people.

2 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. I hear you! I hated driving through L/A when I lived there. I especially hated the gazillion stop lights every few feet. Stop & go, Stop & go. Coming from Mechanic Falls I tended to drive the highway whenever possible.

    1. I usually try to avoid Main St. if at all possible. But with my move across town (in Auburn) it’s the most “convent” (most direct) way to & from where I need to go.

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