Maine… in movies, books, & TV

The Maine you see in most movies & TV shows isn’t the real Maine.  I recently started watching the Dead Zone tv show which is suppose to take place in Bangor Maine. This is not at all a review about the show.  The forests in the show are completely west coast forests, not a Maine forest at all. Probably filmed in Oregon or Canada. It seems that an awful lot of things happen in Maine that requires a psychic. I’ve also noticed there is a very diverse group of residences in Maine, but this isn’t really true.  This is not being racist or bias this is a fact, that until recently Maine has had a very narrow demographic.

Another show that depicts Maine is Murder, She Wrote.  I don’t recall a lot of the episodes but I plan to watch the show again.  I wonder how much of the show is anything like the coast of Maine? What small town was Cabot Cove inspired by, if any?

In M*A*S*H Capt Pierce is from Crabapple Cove, Maine, there are never any shots of this fictional place but he talks a lot about it.  While I was looking at IMDB Murder, She Wrote trivia, I saw that the first book Jessica Fletcher wrote “The Corpse Danced at Midnight” the book that BJ received & proceeded to rip apart & give to people to read was “The Rooster Crowed at Midnight”. There’s also discrepancies in the episodes of MASH that has Hawkeye in Maine & Vermont. Later books have Hawkeye’s home town as Spruce Harbor, Maine.

I found the TV show Haven took place in Maine. I’ve never seen the show but plan on watching it too. Once Uppon A Time is a new one that takes place in Maine. It was interesting to find out what TV shows & movies were set or really filmed in Maine. I’m sure there are way more than know about. I’m interested in finding out though. As well as books that take place in Maine. A link I found: Library Book Lists

Like I said in my “About” section… “Living here and vacationing here are two entirely different things.” Reading it & seeing it on tv or movies is also different than living & working here.

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