Going ons

Camping in the rain SUCKS!

I took four days off work for vacation and took a little camping trip (5 nights) not too far from home, but far enough to be an inconvenience if I needed to return home for anything. So I packed everything I thought I’d need & stuff I didn’t need in my large L L Bean rolling duffel (I love that thing).

It took me far longer to get down to the campground than I thought on Thursday due to several things, but that’s ok. Finally arrived after 4 and we set up the HUGE tent; that has two closets (it’s to be marveled at). Met up with my friends from Vermont and basically hung out the rest of the night with some food, fire, & wine (birthday cupcakes also).

Friday was wet… Saturday was wet… Sunday was wet… at some point we tarpped the tent because of the rain. The four of us, Mom, daughter & daughter’s friend, under the tarp and the corner above mom had finally had enough (it’s an old tarp) and let go.  Basically dumped water & tree junk all down the back of mom. We applied & reapplied the bug spray every few hours but still almost became anemic due to the darn blood thirsty things.

Monday was beautiful! Wish every day could have been like that. We didn’t do anything all day but sit around and chat & stare up at the blue sky. Kind of sad to waste the day like that but after scrambling around due to the rain, it was a welcome break to be dry & sit in the camp chairs around the fire. The campground was like a ghost town on Sunday night, Monday & Tuesday. We slept late on Tuesday and broke down camp and packed up to come home.

Getting back to work and a routine was a nice “break”.

2 thoughts on “Going ons

  1. Had a great time with you despite the rain. Food, wine and birthday cupcakes around the campfire with you was the best. Already thinking about what to do next year for your birthday. ❤

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