I haven’t written in a while… I have no excuse.  I’ve had many topics I wished to discuss or vent to you about.  Yet the words have not come, at least not in any sort of half way decent group for your reading pleasure.

I considered ranting about the dumb broad who almost pulled out & hit me while taking rollers/curlers out of her hair, the other morning.  Or the bicyclists who are not riding WITH traffic.  Or the crazy neighbors who “lost” their kid & even called the cops to help find him when he was sitting in the back seat of their Jeep. (seriously) I thought about writing about my displeasure in not being able to just cut loose and have a good time without being all inhibited, but we covered that not too long ago. Yeah it’s still bugging me.  We talked about my camping trip, my acceptance in to ME FIRST, & my lack of dating/meeting people.  I have been trying to think of something to discuss relevant to my life but no luck.

Maybe something about Maine.  The Great Falls Balloon Festival was this past weekend.  I actually avoided it like the plague. Having worked it for only a short number of years, I’m all set on the crowds. I can see the balloons as they pass over head or float by. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun event with a carnival & what not. Balloons go up at 6 AM & 6 PM weather permitting.  It’s just not my cup of tea any more.  Working something tends to kind of ruin you on its “magic” of visiting it for a long time.  It’s like working at a fast food place & never eating there again.

I have yet to kayak this year and haven’t visited any light houses. I feel like I can’t get out of my own way to do things and I just don’t have the energy sometimes. I’m so busy doing for everything else that I kind of let my stuff slide.  I’ve been working on that though.  I’ve basically “cleaned house” on all my activities & eliminated a few; union, scouts, school, LCFA, MFC, & turned down MPA to be a volunteer.  With only one kid in HS I have less running there.  I felt like I got more accomplished when I had all this stuff going on, but I didn’t really, I was more stressed & busy & had less time to think, I just did. (go go go go) I also don’t scrapbook any more, which I was a consultant for, as well as being an Arbonne consultant for a short time.  I don’t own a house any more or a dog.  So why do I still feel crazy busy and stressed?

I would really like to focus more on my writing, or my art & photography.  However that just isn’t happening either.  I’m feeling creatively stifled or for lack of better wording that eludes me right now… my muse has run away.

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