As I was writing this post I found it very long & negative. I didn’t want everyone to think I hated my vacation or the event because that’s not the case.  The event was good & I know the committee worked hard on it.  I thank them all for their efforts and interest in bringing us all together.

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The weather was beyond everyone’s control. I hate tenting, tenting in the rain is the all time worse thing.  I dislike being damp all the time.  Fortunately we had air mattresses which saved my back (mostly). I enjoyed my time with my Mom, my daughter & her friend as well as my best friend & her family from VT.

I also was not feeling well that weekend (female stuff) with a migraine so that didn’t help the trip.  As well as having to pay an unexpected/unplanned amount when I arrived, which was more than I thought I was going to pay.  The only good day I had was Monday and unfortunately/fortunately the campground was empty, the weather was nice, & I felt somewhat better not being wet & icky.

I’d totally do it again. (without the rain)  Good people & lots of fun.  I got to meet people I only talk to on line and as always everyone was very friendly. Thanks

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