Giving a Shit

Remember that post where I was upset at being un-friended?  I was recently reminded of something… I didn’t give a shit what people thought of me back then & still don’t now.  So really it shouldn’t bug me to get un-friended.  It just makes me think that people either don’t change or at least don’t change for the better. Although that’s kind of cynical/pessimistic of me & I’m usually more optimistic or realistic.

I’m more comfortable with my self now than I was then. I’m more mouthy & quick witted & less timid. I was fat & thin & fat again but that’s just weight where as a person’s character doesn’t necessarily change, their kindness or lack of, their compassion/lack of, stays about the same.  It seems to me that people continue to perpetuate their rolls from 20 years ago even though they’re not.

I hear these kids (teenagers) keep saying that they are just waiting for this or that to happen & their life will really begin.  I hate to say that life has already begun and they’re just missing it waiting & worrying about stuff they don’t have control over.  I my self have been caught in that thought processes.  What am I waiting for?  I just need to DO IT! What ever “it” is.  Missing out on joy is the consequence from not doing.

Life is happening & passing you by while you’re making plans or waiting. Take that class, find your bliss, don’t just get by.

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