What the…? (#1)

Because this is a family show I’ll leave off the expletive & you may fill it in as you wish. I will use WTF.

WTF is up with the gas (fuel) prices these days? I’m basically at my limit. I have no more money to spend on fuel for my auto. I’m already dipping in to the money I use for food. That is hard to do when I’m trying to eat healthier and feed my family healthier. Its not like food is getting any less expensive.

Anyways back to my rant about gas prices. I finally downloaded an app to find the lowest price of gas in my neighborhood. The least expensive place I found was $3.75, most other places were $3.90 or more.

You would think at some point something would be done about the oil (fuel) situation.  This cannot last much longer.  Seriously.  For those of us in rural communities (most of Maine) there isn’t any public transportation.  Most people live at least 20 minutes from work or more.  Several people work over an hour from home. Others may look in on this & say “move” or “get a different job” I would love to see them root up their family to move to another community where things are no better. To sell a house or find a new job in this economy.  Most people who travel to work like that at one point in time had a reason for choosing where they live. The schools, the community, the lack of crime, something.  Most of those people have full time jobs that sort of pay decent money. They do not qualify for any assistance and live paycheck to paycheck. Even smart money people are having a hard time with the increasing price of gas.

Looking at this logically, yes we get our oil from a location on Earth with lots of strife. Why? There are many other locations on Earth to get oil.  In the past non-oil based fuel cars were discouraged from R&D.  Basically if something else worked it was not publicized. You cannot tell me with a straight face that there hasn’t been some other type of car developed before 1999.  I’m certain that it’s been done and been buried & hidden because it would be a negative impact on the “oil” based auto’s bottom line. (really at this point in time there hasn’t been an “original” idea in eons.) Surely if there weren’t conglomerate (big business) mega companies that are greedy little bastards we would have had a green car three decades ago.

I sit here in Maine and think about these things.  These people who make life harder for others without even batting an eye or giving to shits.  I drive to & from work feeling guilty because I don’t have any passengers with me.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a “hippy tree hugging granola” but I am concerned about the world because I don’t want my kids or grand kids to have to clean up my mess.


Sometimes I wish that all the technology would just go dead in the world.  We’d end up back on horses & eating out of our own gardens. I’m sure we’d be a much happier bunch of humans.

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