OMG Earthquake in Maine

Yes there was an earthquake here in Maine about 7:12 PM.  I thought it was the neighbor’s washing machine upstairs being off balance. Nope! *correction = It was a M 4.0 earthquake. (not a M 4.6) Check out this link: USGS

News reports:
Sun Journal (Lewiston Auburn)
Bangor Daily News
National News:
Earthquake News

Some random trivia about earthquakes in Maine:
More Maine Earthquake Trivia

Useful info about Earthquakes in the Northeast.

It’s only an hour later and someone already made a Facebook Page for it. Poking humor at something because we Mainers are just a hoot! Besides really what else can we do about it?  (the page is intended for humor)

There has been some damage due to the earthquake, a fire in a home. Another home has also suffered some damage. I’m sure the news stations will report quite a bit tomorrow closer to the epicenter.

My grandmother use to keep a very thick atlas book of the world with all of the earthquakes for the New England area in it. (probably more than just New England)

This is only the second earthquake I can remember feeling.  It was the strongest for sure.  I felt one last year at my old apartment, I went down to my sister-in-law who was working on the 1st floor apartment and asked if she felt that. We thought it was a washer on the 2nd floor.  This recent one lasted quite a while. Long enough for my daughter to come into the living room and ask what was going on after the building had been shaking for at least a minute already.  After the fact I was a bit freaked out but also excited.  I know it’s silly because it’s a damn earthquake, but we don’t get many here that we feel often.  I think I was woken up by one when I was a child but that was SEVERAL years ago.

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