Quake aftermath

Happy Wednesday!  The day after Maine’s 4.0 earthquake close to Hollis Center everything seems to be normal.  News reported a house fire and some structural damage to homes close to the epicenter.  Others reported via Facebook cracks in walls and few broken items.

I learn something new every day. Since this earthquake was close to the top of the Earth (only 3 miles) it was felt more than ones that are deeper in the earth.

The last one I felt was in 2011 and apparently that wasn’t even in the state, it was in Virginia. I emailed the people at work and asked if they felt the shake. Of course they didn’t, they’re in a large granite building another 40 miles further from that epicenter.

My OMG Earthquake in Maine post from last night has several links to the news stories, as well as the USGS site & Maine.gov sites for info about earthquakes in Maine.

Thanks to Sun Journal for the info in helping me write this post.

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