Here comes the rain…

Or wind as the case may be.

Here’s a snag of what channel 6 shows for the tracking of Sandy.

They’ve already sent schools home early here in Maine, if they even went to school. Several schools in New Hampshire called off school early and I hear schools in Vermont are also sending kids home early.

It looks like Sandy is slowly making landfall in the NJ, NY, MD area which are probably going to get slammed. Unless things change by the time it makes it to Maine it’ll be a “Tropical Depression”.  Us Mainers are use to unpredictable weather, but we deal better with the snow type than the rain.  We’re expecting flooding and power outages due to the wind.  We still have most of our power brought to us via lines above the roads which is vulnerable to trees and other incidental catastrophes knocking them down.

Friends who drive to Portland daily said the tide is exceptionally high already due to the weather.  The chance of flooding along the coastal areas is high.

How’s anyone else on the East Coast dealing with the impending storm? Are you prepared? hurricane

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