and so it begins

T minus 3 hours and counting to… NaNoWriMo

In three short hours the east coast of the US starts it feverish rush to squish out at the least 1666 words in 24 hours. They may not make much sense or they might end up being pure genus.  A plot, who needs a stinking plot? What’s their name? Mary Christine Emily Van Der Smith. (got to thank Cindy for that one) Padding, nah not me. Only 48,334 words to go.

You don’t know what NaNoWriMo is?  It’s when imaginative creative people get all hyped up on caffeine, sugar, and no sleep to write a novel in a month.  Why?  Why not I ask? Because we can. Because we want to.  Because our dream is to write the next great American (world) novel.  Don’t laugh, you have a wild & crazy dream too, maybe you just forgot to hang on to yours.

I’m totally not staying up till 12:00 am to star writing a novel. That can wait until tomorrow during normal hours. Unfortunately I’ve given up my night owl life for one of early morning to work on time.  Imagine that.   Best of luck to all the NaNoWriMo Maine friends, many who are meeting for the midnight kick off.  I have one character, no plot, no starting point, and no clue… so much for trying to be a planner.

Say What?

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