Elementary – Love It!

So by me saying that I love this TV show this is almost insuring it will be canceled. *insert sad face here*  I love the updated take on the whole Sherlock Holmes story.  Watson being a woman is great, love Lucy Liu in this part.  But I liked her in most everything she’s been in that I’ve seen. I was wracking my brain as to where I have seen Sherlock before so finally I looked up Jonny Lee Miller on IMDB.com and realized he was in a few things I’ve seen. He was Eli Stone another show I loved & got canceled. He was in Hackers also which was a good movie.

In this version of the Holmes stories he’s a recovering addict and Watson is his sober companion, interesting and a bit odd way to put them together.  On top of that Watson was a surgeon but isn’t any more. You learn more about that a little bit each time.

I would recommend this show.  It’s on CBS at 10 est on Thursdays.

2 thoughts on “Elementary – Love It!

  1. I’m also a Lucy Liu fan ever since Ally McBeal! Haven’t checked out Elementary but now that you mention it, I think I’ll take a look:-)

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