8188 words

As of today I’m still behind in word count & the gizmo on NaNoWriMo says I need to write almost 2000 words a day to finish on time.  I did close to that today. And I have 2 more days off to do better. And then the whole week of thanksgiving off too.  I am going to try my hardest to make the 50k this year and finally finish a story.
Once I’m done my friend offered to edit it for me. I’m kind of excited. She is good at such things.  Maybe once I do it one time I can do it again for some of my unfinished works.
I often wonder how authors do it. Create so often and publish so frequently. Its like they have a recipe for creating a sellable book. Stephen King,  Janet Evonovich, Danielle Steel are all multi producing authors and it amazes me. I feel like I am using my last good idea. And I’ve got nothing creative in me.

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