Getting Healthy

As you may know, I am working on getting healthy and fit. What does this mean?  Well for one it’s loosing weight, two it’s creating livable healthy goals that I can meet daily, weekly, monthly. Third it’s finding ways to achieve this.

I’m part of ME FIRST which is a work sponsored fitness/wellness life style change. I’ve also been looking at other online things to help. I am giving this new website a try, I haven’t gotten to far in to it yet, but it seems a bit easier than some of the other sites I’ve been on.  I hope to also be trying out their pedometer that will work with their site come this spring.  We’ll see how things go.

Look for my progress on my new blog a ME FIRST odyssey or at the link above getting healthy.

3 thoughts on “Getting Healthy

  1. Hey there,

    I very recently started my blog in an effort to stay accountable with my health/fitness and help others lead a healthier lifestyle. I came across your blog in the fitness category a couple weeks ago and I figured I would reach out to you because I’ve learned that the road to getting healthy is much easier to travel with company. I’ve never really stared down the prospect of obesity since I’ve always been quite active but I do understand the constant struggles with food choices and making time to workout (as a recent college grad) but I have acquired some valuable knowledge and tips since joining Team Beachbody as a coach. Anyways, I’d love to hear more about how your journey and some of the goals you have set for your health/fitness for the next couple months. So feel free to contact me if you need an extra boost or just someone to chat with. I look forward to following along with your blog as a fellow Mainer!



    1. Thanks for coming by Alex. I found blogging helps keep me accountable and on track, mostly. I have a problem with my activity level. I’m working on it. I agree that its easier to travel this with company. That’s why I blog. I hope that my experiences help someone. I don’t believe in the fad diets, because I’ve seen too many people I know yo-yo diet. They drop the weight & put it back on. I believe the change has to be gradual and for life. I started a program through work and I’m going to blog about it on a separate blog, feel free to stop by.

      I look forward to hearing from you and seeing your blog evolve as you travel your path to getting healthy.

      1. I admire your dedication and your ability to recognize that truly getting healthy is not a phase but rather a change in lifestyle. This is the reason that I became a coach for Team Beachbody. Not only did I experience such great results with their Insanity workout program and their revolutionary health drink, Shakeology but I was exposed to the incredible power and support of the Team Beachbody network. I wanted to be a part of that and help lead others in the right direction by sharing my story and my endless supply of positive energy!

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