Ami’s page

Ami Seamon’s Central Maine Electrolysis web site.

I recently met Ami a little over a year ago at her brother’s wedding.  Her brother married a close friend of mine.  I happened to mention to her that I had the knowledge of web page design and she asked if I could help her. I am more than happy to help my friends & their family out.  Over the last year I’ve gotten to know Ami and her commitment to her family, her job, and her profession as a licensed Electrologist.

Recently I finished Ami’s business page and posted it online. It wasn’t my original vision, but this page keeps with the look that Ami is trying to present. She sent me the image of her sign made by the Sign Store here in Auburn. Thank you Dave M. Keeping with this look/theme is what Ami wanted to present to the public. Basically she is forming her “brand” so when people see the sign, her cards, her web site it all works together. She knew exactly what she wanted and didn’t want and how she wants people to see her as a professional in her field of permanent hair removal, electrolysis. I referred her to my friend Brian at ProPrint in Lewiston for her business cards and gift certificates, he’s working on samples for her currently.

Some times it is easier to start over than to tweak something else.  Which is what I did in Ami’s case.  I had started a web page for her but it wasn’t exactly what she wanted. The new page only took a couple of days to pull together.  A few small edits in photo shop and we were good to go.  Ami’s new site is easy to navigate which was a concern for Ami regarding her clients. I have not had any sessions with Ami but she is a professional in all her business dealings.  She has several clients who love her work and would recommend her.  She will be asking for reviews/testimonials from them for her page. I look forward to reading them and posting them for her on her reviews page.

Please feel free to share her site with anyone you feel would benefit from her expertise in electrolysis/permanent hair removal. Think local this holiday season, she is offering gift certificates for gifts all year round. Support a local business owner.

Working with Ami has been a pleasure. I am happy to help her with her needs in getting her info known to central Maine.  She has been around for a long time in several locations, Farmington, Augusta, & Auburn over the last decade. The time has come to make sure everyone knows exactly where she is and how to reach her.  Her commitment to her clients is foremost in her thoughts. Please visit her page and share it with others.

Thank you to Ami Seamon of Central Maine Electrolysis, Brian Caouette of ProPrint, & David Morgan of The Sign Store.

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