Lessons from Labyrinth

Here are some lessons I’ve learned from Labyrinth the movie.

  1. Never wish for something that you’re not ready to handle.
  2. Beware of good-looking people promising you the world.
  3. Things are not always as they appear.
  4. Never trust trolls/goblins.
  5. Things can change in a blink of an eye or the turn of a corner.
  6. Life is never fair.
  7. Just because you’re going in one direction doesn’t mean you should continue in that direction.
  8. Ignore naysayers.
  9. Those who say they want to help aren’t always there to help you.
  10. Not all answers are obvious. “The way forward is sometimes the way back.” “It seems like we’re not getting any where, when in fact we are.”
  11. Just because it sounds/appears scary, doesn’t mean it really is.
  12. Sometimes it is very appropriate to be scared.
  13. Never take a food (or drink) from someone you cannot trust 100%.
  14. Run away fast if someone breaks in to song and starts to take body parts off.
  15. Never throw someone head. Only your own.
  16. Asking permission can be difficult but sometimes the only thing needed.
  17. Its ok to dream, don’t loose your self in it & forget reality.
  18. Children may think they’re grown up but they do not belong in “adult” situations.
  19. Time is running out.
  20. It’s all junk. You can’t take it with you. People matter most.
  21. There are some things you must do on your own, because that is the way it’s done.
  22. No one has power over you. You control your life (choices/direction).
  23. Everyone has to grow up sometime.
  24. Never forget your true friends.

This is one of my most favorite movies ever made. Besides the lessons above I like the puppetry in it. The creativity of the many trolls, goblins & other creatures.  Can you imagine if they made this movie today?

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