Dearest Blog Award (Liebster Blog Auszeichnung)

I have been presented with my first ever blog award. Shocking I know. I am tickled pink about it. It’s quite exciting for me. You’ve got to realize that I have never had more than a dozen followers of my blogs in the past and I’m at 31 followers here at Living in Maine. *gasp* IMAGINE IT!

Susan Karins gave me this award. Thank you Susan. Check out Susan’s blog.

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So here’s what I’ve found out about this award so far.  The award is originally German, or so the story goes.  Liebster Auszeichnung is German for dearest award. By the way there’s no word for “blog” in German that I can find.  It originally was given to people who had less than 200 followers. Once you received it you would pass it along to between 3 to 5 other blogs, at your discretion. Apparently there has been a very big twist added to it recently, in the past year. (Probably in 2011.)

The jist of it now is that you still nominate blogs with under 200 followers, but you also have to answer 11 questions & give 11 odd facts about yourself. Interesting.  I think someone somewhere was nosy about someone else.  But hay it’s all in good fun & spirit so why not, right?  *BIG SMILEY* I’m down with not following the rules explicitly because obviously they’ve been changed over the last few years. 🙂 Do as you will. Have fun. Spread the word. Enjoy.

Okay so on with the “rules” of the award if you accept it.
*Posts 11 (or 5) random facts about oneself (working on it)
*Answer 11 questions posed by the granter of the award (mostly done)
*Pass the award on to 11 (more or less) other blogs with under 200 followers (not 11 but my favorite w/ under 200)
*Create 11 (more or less) new questions for the new bloggers you awarded it to (thinking more)
*Don’t re-award your granter. (cannot give it to the person who gave it to you.) (not a prob)
*Paste one of the many Dearest Blog Award images found on Google on your sidebar/footer/widget area of your blog. (done & I created one)

Random facts about me:

  1. I dislike feet.
  2. I’m not a kid person, even though I have kids.
  3. I’m middle brained, using both the right & left usually equally.(based on every test I’ve taken for such)
  4. I’m missing an organ.
  5. I am an office supply addict. (pens, pencils, paper, post-its, etc)
  6. I’ve never shot a gun & I’m surprised at that.
  7. I hardly ever lie, it’s too hard to remember who you’ve lied to. Truth is usually a lot stranger, but easier to remember.

Here are Susan’s questions to the bloggers she gave the award to:

  1. What is your favorite season and why?
    I love Spring, the rebirth of the Earth in Spring is amazing. It inspires me and gives me hope. (It’s also far less depressing than any other season.)
  2. Who are your three favorite authors?
    This one is tough. It’s funny how I like Stephen King but he’s not in my list of favorites, even though he’s from Maine.
  3. Which was the last book that surprised you and why?
    It’s been way too long since I’ve been surprised by a book.
  4. If your novel would be made into a movie who would you cast as your male and female lead? If you’re not a writer, who would you cast in a movie, any movie?
    I already picked them out when I started writing this novel, Eliza Dushku is my lead. Her love interest is Ryan Phillippe.
  5. What is your favorite vacation spot?
    Since I’ve hardly been on a vacation, I would say that NYC or Niagara Falls would top the list.  I tend to not travel much right now, but would love to go to Ireland.
  6. If you would get a pet right now, what would you name him/her and why?
    I’d want a rescue dog & if I didn’t like the name I’d change it to something that suited the pet, not all names are for all pets.  Dogs need a name with two syllables, it has to sound good when you call for them.
  7. What is your favorite TV Series?
  8. Twitter fan or Twitter critic?
    I Twitter. But I’m a social media critic on occasion when someone irritates the piss out of me.
  9. What was the last item you bought?
    A chocolate milk.
  10. What was the best present you’ve ever received?
    Hands down the best gift ever was a mother’s day gift from my ex-husband & the kids, it was a growth chart of the kids he put on to a trim board.  He & his new wife were painting the house & thought that I would want to have a record of the kids height. I cried.
  11. What is your favorite coffee table book?
    If I had a coffee table, I would put my own book of photos of Maine on it. 🙂 Guess I need to get busy & put one together.

The blogs I’m giving this award to are:
Brain Cooties, because who doesn’t have those sometimes?
The Road to Change by Charity, because I’m all about supporting new bloggers even if it’s for a class.
To Joe at Joe Hinojosa, one of my first followers who was very supportive & I hope to return the favor – congrats on reaching 50K Joe.
Debra has also been supportive to my blog, she is a local Mainer also and I’m always excited to read & hear from other Mainers.
Overheard in Portland totally deservse this award because I bust a gut every time I read a post.
As for Life in Alaska 365 you’re getting it because you put up with as much crap as us Mainers if not more and I always enjoy reading.

Questions for you few bloggers above.

  1. How did you start blogging?
  2. Do/Did you keep a journal/diary before blogging or still do?
  3. Name a blogger you’d like to meet in person.
  4. Your favorite cartoon from childhood & why?
  5. What’s your favorite holiday & why?
  6. Where’s the furthest you’ve traveled?

Well that’s basically it for now.  I do reserve the right to come back and edit & add to this post at my leisure.  Hope you all enjoy. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Dearest Blog Award (Liebster Blog Auszeichnung)

  1. I’m intrigued by your choice of Eliza Dushku and Ryan Phillippe- sounds like a good pairing! I’m also a Bones fan, although I haven’t had the time to see the new season. Got to catch up on that! I really enjoyed your post!

    1. I actually thought up the character’s first and tried to find an actor/actress that would fit them the best, because I had a VERY hard time picturing them. They weren’t real until I picked the actors out & then it became far easier to write for them. Although, I’ll be up till 12 working on the story tonight to try to get caught up. 🙂
      I watch all my shows on line as I don’t have cable. So I try to keep up to speed on things, so I don’t miss an episode.
      Glad you liked the post.

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