I have no holiday traditions, I’m sad to say.  I have found it hard over the years to create or keep a tradition.  I was raised in a divorced family, with each parent having remarried and splitting my time between the ever enlarging family, it was hard to make traditions.  Then with my own kids & ex, we weren’t together long enough to create traditions, that I can recall, to pass along to our children.  This makes me kind of sad when I really stop to think about it.  I had tried to make both kids an ornament each year, that got side tracked at some point.

I was looking through my Christmas journals and found them to be quite sad and skimpy.  It seemed I was either too crazy busy to enjoy the holiday (this is after I stopped being drugged up for a few years) or I wasn’t busy at all and had hardly anything going on.  Over the years friends would have gatherings and parties and whatnot to welcome in the season, but we haven’t done that for YEARS. No girls craft night, no drinks out, hardly anything, I’m not even sure which friends are still talking to each other.

At this point I wish I had the big house & picket fence all decked out for Christmas and New Years.  Friends and family come to visit. The kids sliding on the first snow, the tree trimmed, the fireplace lit, and everyone being joyous and pleasant.  Is it sad that I some times dread gatherings, due to the drama, the sniping, the crap that others cannot just let go of and get by? It is kind of depressing as heck to think about.

I can remember as a child before the divorce that we’d visit the grandparents and open gifts with them, or we’d open a gift at home.  We use to have this guy in the neighborhood who would dress as Santa and bring all the kids a toy on Christmas eve. I’m sure that a parent or grandparent would set him up with it first. I don’t recall how often this happened but it was at least a couple, that I can recall.

What family traditions do you have (or had) or wish to have?

2 thoughts on “Traditions

  1. I was very lucky, my dad and my grandparents used to make Christmas such a wonderful time. Growing up in New England the holiday season just seemed so magical to me…old houses lit up with lights, the small churches in the neighborhood bursting with song, snow and ice skating. My granparents used to take my sister and I into NYC every Christmas to see the sights and how I miss that.

    When my husband and I got married we compromised. He came from a divorced family also and did most of the gifts/celebration on Christmas Eve. I always celebrated right on Christmas…so when we got married and had kids we adopted the 1 gift on Christmas Eve rule, everything else on Christmas. We also read certain books with our kids on Christmas Eve, leave cookies and milk for Santa and go out into the yard to spread oats and colored sugar for the reindeer.

    We were a military family so my kids have never had Christmas with extended family, its just been the 5 of us and so making traditions for my kids was very important to me. The older 2 are entering adulthood so I often wonder what they’ll carry on with their kids, or what kind of new traditions they’ll create.

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