Fitness Lecture: Week #3

Stretching, Mobility, Flexibility aren’t all the same…  I’m going to go over the last two first as they have less stuff on the page to talk about.

Flexibility: The degree to which one is able to stretch a muscle.

  • One stretch session per week will maintain flexibility.
  • Two or more stretch sessions per week will increase flexibility.

Mobility: The ability to move or be moved freely and easily without restrictions.

  • Stretching will improve mobility.

Stretching: Any movement requiring moving a body part to the point there is an increase in the movement of a joint.

  • Benefits
    • Improved flexibility, muscular endurance & strength. (benefit is determined by the stress put on the muscle.)
    • Reduced muscle soreness, aches, & pains
    • Good muscular & joint mobility
    • Increased ability of strength through a wider range of motion
    • Prevention of lower back problems
    • Improved body alignment & posture
  • Types of stretches
    • Static: slowly move body part into position and hold the stretch for a set time.
    • PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation): fully contracted muscle is stretched by moving a lib through the joint’s range of motion. After moving through the complete range, the muscle is relaxed and rested before resuming stretch.  (well that’s a frigen mouthful… Yes?  What does this mean? Guess I need to look this one up.)
    • Ballistic: uses muscle contractions to force muscle stretching through bobbing movements where there is no pause during movement.
    • Dynamic: refers to stretching that occurs while performing sport-specific movements.

I’ve always been fond of stretching and keeping limber.  Good thing from the sounds of it.  I’ve been doing stretches for a while at work or at home. So this one seemed a little less appealing to me because I kind of knew it.  Here are some that we do at work. There are others, but I couldn’t find the same print out drawings that we have.

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