Fitness Lectures: Week #1

The 8 week fitness lecture series was for those people who don’t regularly use the gym or know much about fitness.  Each week we had a handout and a discussion topic.

Week #1: Intro to Health & Fitness

Physical fitness includes health-related, physiological, and skill related components.
Health-related: Endurance & strength of the skeletal muscles, flexibility, cardio-respiratory endurance, percent body fat/body composition
Physiological: metabolic, blood sugar levels, blood lipid levels, waist & hip measurements, bone strength
Skill-related: balance, coordination, agility, reaction time
Physical Fitness: a state of well-being with energy to participate in a variety of physical activities as well as low risk premature health problems.
Physical Activity: Any bodily movement produced by the contraction of skeletal muscle that increases energy expenditure above a resting level. (beyond daily normal activity)

How physically fit are you? yes or no to these questions…

  1. I feel like I have the energy to participate in a variety of physical activities and respond to emergencies.
  2. I carry out daily task with vigor and alertness and without undue fatigue.
  3. I feel like I have ample energy to ENJOY recreation physical activity during leisure time.

The following are the different ways to become physical active:

  • Aerobic physical activity
  • Health-enhancing physical activity
  • Lifestyle activities
  • Bone-strengthening activities
  • Resistance training
  • Balance training

What did I get from this lecture?  Personally I knew I have to up my physical activity or I won’t change.  I do want change.  However sometimes it is very hard to do for ones self.  I found it was easier to do it for my dog than because I had to.  She was my excuse to leave my house at 5:30 in the morning and freeze my ass off last year to walk a mile with her.  Also for me to rush home after work and repeat. As well as going out at 10 PM to do the same thing, no matter what the weather was like; snow, rain, sleet or a nice night we were always out for our walk.  I know she shouldn’t have been the reason I walked 3 miles a day, but she was.  And now I have a very hard time to motivate my self to get up on time and to even make it to work on time.  People ask why don’t I just get another dog, and I would like to, but at this point it is not a possibility.  So I have to find it within my self to move, to get out and do something that is outside my normal routine.

Walking Cin in February of 2012
Walking Cin in February of 2012

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