Me First ~ I got in!

The State of Maine has an employee program it developed a few years ago called MEFirst.  This is to help people with high risk to become more healthy and fit.   Your BMI needs to fall above a specific number to even be considered for the program, unfortunately mine is at 35.1currently. It had been close to 37 at one time.  I filled out the registration, they sent me the paperwork, & they drew my name to be a participant for this year.  I’m very excited.  My boss also was picked. I took the online health assessment required by our insurance, and it’s telling me my ideal weight is under 150lb. (I’m 60lb over that.)  I’m wearing a 16/18 currently and hope to get back down to a 14.  I have lots of clothes I cannot fit in to because I’m so fat. (Not fat & happy either.) I find it hard to fit in to clothes, it’s discouraging. I remember going on vacation with my kids in 2005 & getting in to the go-cart was a challenge. And I haven’t lost any weight since. I hope by having the guidance with this program I can make the changes I have yet to make.  Basically getting off my fat ass and moving. (which I know I have to do)

*this was posted on my Living in Maine blog*

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