So here we go…

To get in to this program I had to fill out a bunch of paperwork, have my Dr. sign off on it and then wait.  It seemed I waited for a long time. My boss got the call before I did about getting in.  A few days later I got the call.  I was so excited I couldn’t control myself. 🙂

First thing we had was Orientation. They got us motivated to work the plan. To see people accomplish what we wanted was inspiring. I had to sign up for an 8 week fitness lecture series. That was to be part lecture part exercise. It was mostly lecture.

We have facilitation once a month for three hours.  This is the part of the program that should help tie all the other aspects together, from my point of view.  We have nutrition two times a month for an hour and a half. This is where we learn about nutrition, portion control, meal planing, and such things.  This has been an eye opener for me. (see this post) We also have to meet every six weeks with our Fitness Coach for our assessments, meaning measurements, BMI, body fat %, weight, and such.  We also meet with them to help us set up a fitness routine, one we’d stick with. We meet with a wellness coach as well. I find these meetings kind of arbitrary at the moment because I’ve been practicing a lot of what she’s asking  us for a while.  Trying to make my life well rounded. Unfortunately it’s not really as easy as it sounds.  We also meet with our nurse as needed. I haven’t found it necessary to see her regularly.

These five aspects of the program should help us evolve in to a more healthy/fit person in every way.  I agree that being healthy isn’t a one sided deal.  I hope this experience will teach me how to implement these things in my life.

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