My first Daily Prompt from WP

I found the daily prompt early today and since it was perfect for what I’m doing right now I figured I’d share.  ME TIME: What’s your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning? Why not?

This is a wonderful Saturday morning, the only thing to make it any better would be my daughter and a big messy cinnamon roll.  I  have a good cup of coffee after a good nights sleep.  Hanging out with my son, who I’ve missed while he’s been at college.  There are tons of things I could be doing because I’d like to get them done; laundry, painting, cleaning, writing, etc.  However I am enjoying the small things and this cup of coffee and talking with my son is simple, but the best thing I could ever ask for.  So to answer these questions quickly, I’m living my ideal Saturday morning. Exactly what I want to be doing. And it just doesn’t apply.

I hope everyone is finding their joy this morning.

2 thoughts on “My first Daily Prompt from WP

  1. yay! I just discovered the WordPress challenges this week, too. Funny how many people’s ideal Saturday involves savoring a cup of coffee. So much different than chugging it down, medicinal-style. Have a lovely day.
    Greeting from Maryland

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